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Calvert Creative Concepts  is a unique and valued bespoke consultancy and audio production service which enables our clients to attract and engage with those customers with disabilities.


Currently my main clients are from Arts, culture and entertainment industries who wish to improve their services, meet their legal obligations and make services inclusive and accessible for all.  I welcome consultation with anyone who wishes to make their services adaptable for those with disabilities regardless to which industry they are from as I am fully skilled to provide consultation in all areas.

Think for a moment...

Is there more your company could be doing to reach customers and employees with disabilities in order to make your business more inclusive?


Did you know?

  • Almost 21% of the UK population has a disability – that’s around 13.9 million people nation-wide.

  • The Government estimates that the spending power of families with at least one disabled member is over £200 billion per year!

 However those with disabilities are significantly less likely to participate in cultural, leisure, sporting and other social or community-based activities than non-disabled people (

 What’s stopping your business or organisation from reaching disabled people?

Can we help?

Calvert Creative Concept is an independent consultancy who can offer a professional and bespoke service to your organisation. We offer:

  • An audit of your services to evaluate areas where improvements can be made to attract and include more customers with disabilities

  • Creative, entertaining and professionally produced services for the disabled community

  • Advice on enhanced performance solutions for venues and events such as audio description, relaxed performances, touch tours and closed captions.

  • Support and training to build the disability awareness and customer care skills of your  team so that they can confidently offer good quality support to disabled people, giving your customers with disabilities a great repeatable experience

70% of disabled people say that knowing that there are helpful and friendly staff at a venue or event can influence whether they decide to visit or join in (Access Survey 2016)

  • Help and advice to find creative, adaptable and cost-effective solutions to access and inclusion barriers in the disabled community

* Disability access and Inclusion consultancy.


* Audio solutions and production.


* Bespoke advice on creating inclusivity and equality for disabled employees

   and your staff.


* Advice on access, audio description and audio transcription.

* Disability awareness training.

 * Commissioned research projects.

The Equality Act 2010 states that disabled people should not be treated any differently in terms of accessing products, services and facilities 


Calvert Creative Concepts is a business built on many years of experience and development working in many aspects of the disabled community


Our mission is to inspire and assist organisations in providing an inclusive and quality service for people with disabilities


The company was created in July 2017 by Tim Calvert who is the main consultant and director and was inspired by his involvement with all of the following projects and roles.


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