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Calvert Creative Concepts is a business built on many years of experience and development.


Our mission is to inspire and assist organisations in providing an inclusive and quality service for people with disabilities


The company was created in July 2017 by Tim Calvert who is the main consultant and director and was inspired by his involvement with all of the following projects and roles


Production Co- ordinator – Update talking newspaper and entertainment magazine for North Staff


Project co-ordinator – Access to entertainment North Staffs


Promo Producer- Cross Rhythms City Radio


* Mentor- for those with mental health issues and on the autistic spectrum for North Staffs Mind


* Marketing and promotion and audio producer – Audio description association

Member of the working disability group of the UK Film Council


Project consultant for a view on access that showcases what entertainment, arts & culture venues offer in the way of audio description and touch tours for those blind and partially sighted. These features are also now airing on RNIB Connect Radio


BA Honours in Film TV and Television from Staffordshire University


Calvert Creative Concepts  is a unique and valued bespoke consultancy and audio production service which enables our clients to attract and engage with those customers with disabilities


Our clients are primarily currently from Arts, culture and entertainment industries who wish to improve their services, meet their legal obligations and make services inclusive and accessible for all.  I welcome consultation for with anyone who wishes to make their services adaptable for those with disabilities

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